Gravity at Doujin Overload 2007 + Hiyaku Studio Hired + Overview
Monday, July 02, 2007 (22:46:51)

Posted by Nuke_Bloodaxe

The initial Alpha build of "Gravity: Under pressure" will be discussed and demonstrated at Doujin Overload 2007. Please proceed to the Nuke-Bloodaxe.Org promotional table to view and talk with David Keenleyside, the current project instigator and manager.

Remember this is an Alpha build, the artwork will definitely change for the Beta build, and is merely intended to be a demonstration of where the project is headed [ as well as to give more background and information about the storyline ].

Also featured will be material for Project Marcos, various pieces of information concerning what Nuke-Bloodaxe.Org does, and how you may join the projects, or become part of the Nuke-Bloodaxe.Org family of products.

The Blade engine will be demonstrated, with various guides on VGN construction, and how you may make your own.

Each VGN group at the event also has the opportunity to walk away with one of three commercial copies of the Blade Engine.

In other news Hiyaku Studio has been contracted to work on the artwork for "Gravity: Under Pressure", where they will take the current character builds and refine them. They will also be working on the main character based scenes in the project, as well as possible key-framing for animated cut-scenes.

Additional artists and professional colourists may be added as the project progresses. It is expected that various voice artists will be hired towards the end of the project.

The possibility of hiring professional actors for movement capture has also been mooted, and will be discussed in the future.

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