Character Development
Thursday, July 12, 2007 (16:39:19)

Posted by Nuke_Bloodaxe

Studio Hiyaku and Nuke Bloodaxe will be working on character sketches and final drafts for the following:

Variations will follow, and further characters will be selected and drawn up the week after next. Concepts and progress so far will be scanned and featured in the gravity gallery.

Once the characters are in final draft form, digital line drawing and colouration will follow.

Remember, this is a reworking of the material already present into higher quality versions. This shouldn't take as much time as the original conceptual and draft versions I was working on, but they will definitely help when visualizing things.

I expect all characters will be finished by the end of September. This will then be followed by 80+ character scenes that cannot be portrayed using the standard VN sprite system. After that special effects, animated cut scenes, and remaining backgrounds will undergo construction.

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