VGN Engines & Website Upgrade
Monday, April 21, 2008 (23:03:04)

Posted by Nuke_Bloodaxe

ALX from the Blade forum asked if this would be a likely place to ask technical questions about the platform. While I say post in the Blade forum first, I have nothing against people discussing technical aspects in the General VGN forum, so go ahead Smile

The Visual Novel Engine that I quite frankly think will kick the ass off everything out there is the in-development "Novelty - Visual Novel Maker" :
Novelty Sourceforge Site
Novelty discussion thread on Lemma Soft forums.

I've been compiling the different code builds, and I must say its great in its approach.

I've upgraded the dragonfly CMS back end to the latest version, so all things should run slightly faster. I'll also finally get on to putting up more material for you to look at.

For those wondering, I'm feeling much better after the being hit by a car on the zebra crossing incident. Still have a back that plays up rotten, and the left elbow is simply odd, but it looks like one more month and all should be pretty much back to normal.

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