Doujin Overload 2008
Saturday, July 26, 2008 (00:47:19)

Posted by Nuke_Bloodaxe

It was a great event, with over 500 to 600 people attending. Present from staff was a Sigil Assault Trooper Smile

For those who took a card, and are wondering what to do, just join the forum; and express your interest in the gravity public discussion thread.

Will a Sigil Assault Trooper be present next year? Hell, yes, I had people all over me wanting photos!

On photos, I will be collecting everything I can get my hands on, and will make a new DO 2008 photo gallery.

In the meantime everyone needs some rest Smile

Nuke Bloodaxe.

The Sigil Holder notes:
For those who want to look like a Sigil Assault Trooper, or be one, then please note membership to the "official" Brotherhood of the Sigil is open to those who are willing to join. You'll need to pass a few basic tests first, and be prepared to make a bit of effort, as well as working on the main goal of the Brotherhood. This is not a short-term commitment, but neither is it overwhelming.

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