Moved Hosts, Overload 2012
Thursday, October 04, 2012 (18:15:55)

Posted by Nuke_Bloodaxe

I'm currently working on a big project that requires a lot of moving of various assets around the place at the moment. As a side-effect of that I've now moved this site onto a VPS at , combined with the cloudflare integration things seem to be working out fairly well. For those interested the under-construction website is at, but don't expect to see much for a few months.

Overload 2012 went really well, there is one more meeting I need to attend this weekend to do the full analysis of the event with the rest of the committee, but so far so good. I can't comment too much on the specifics of the event as I was manning the ticket issuing desk for most of the day, but I was able to get a good look at the 7:00pm art session.

All the videos of the art session and the other sessions during the day are being edited, and I'll post a link to the official YouTube account when they are complete.

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